Small pets and animals for sale in Marlboro, NJ

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Will be getting bunny this weekend.
My daughter is allergic to our fury babies and is struggling with them in our home. We are saddened to have them leave us and want them to go to a good, loving family who will take care of them and love them as much as we do. Our 2 loveable girls are named Popcorn and Ginger and are about 1 year old. They are a bonded pair and cannot be separated. They are tame and love to be held and cuddled. ...
We almost always have rabbits waiting for homes, some are brought in as strays found when people abandon their domestic bunnies, others are surrendered by citizens who can no longer care for them. We take them in, give them health examinations and spay and neuter them so they find a new forever home of their own. These images here represent some of the bunnies we have gotten in over the past fe...
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